Hashimoto Dental Office: Osaka, Japan

Stress-Free Dental Treatment

Are you scared of visiting the dentist?
Hashimoto Dental Office is here to provide you pain-free treatment!

We take the utmost care in sedating you during the entire treatment process, so that you will have a pain-free experience.
At our clinic, you can choose to be sedated either through an IV drip, or by inhaling a compound gas mixture made from oxygen and laughing gas.

Hashimoto Dental Office

For First-Time Visitors

We provide a 1-hour consultation session to our first-time visitors.
(Medical consultation – 30 minutes, Doctor’s diagnosis – 30 minutes)
We will make use of this time to throughly communicate with and determine what’s the right treatment for you!

Our Services

Painless Treatment

We use a number of anesthetic methods to provide you stress-free treatment.

Teeth Whitening

We will whiten your teeth, no drilling required!

Esthetic Dentistry

We aim to retain the natural beauty of your teeth for as long as possible.

Pro Cleaning

We remove tartar, dental stains and plaque from your teeth. Your teeth can remain smooth and shiny while preventing cavities and gum disease.

How To Find Us

Tanaka Building


Tanaka Building 2F
Higashi-Osaka, 3-11-22,
Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

*3 minute walk from Higobashi Station, Yotsubashi Line

*Parking is by appointment only! Please contact us if you are coming by car.

TEL: 06-6449-1182

*Please contact us by email, not telephone. We have only one English-speaking member of staff who might not be able to get back to you if you make a telephone call.
Emailing us will guarantee a much smoother appointment process.
Our English-speaker is available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Business Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun,
1:00PM-6:00PM ×


Treatment Process

Making an Appointment

Treatment at Hashimoto Dental Office is by reservation only.
If you have a Japanese insurance card, please bring it on the day.

Appointment date

Please leave your name and insurance card at the reception desk.
Please fill out the details of the form you receive so we’ll have a clear grasp of your dental issues and teeth condition.

Medical Consultation

We will perform a medical consultation to determine your dental condition.


We determine the condition of your teeth via X-Rays.

Doctor’s Diagnosis

Using the X-Ray scans, we will explain your current issues.
Then, we will suggest the best treatment for you.


Based off our treatment plan, we will proceed with the treatment.


Can I use health insurance from my country?

We only accept Japanese Health Insurance.
Japanese Health Insurance covers 70% of all valid treatments, meaning you only need to pay around 30% of the treatment price.
*Note: Japanese Health Insurance does not cover esthetic treatment or the costs for materials like gold and ceramic.

How much is the cost of treatment?

The price differs from treatment to treatment.
We will provide a free quotation, so please consult with us!

Can I pay the treatment by cash?

You can pay by either cash or credit card.